Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Let’s skip the traditional bio because you can find my resume and learn what I’ve done. Third person bio’s are professional but wouldn’t you agree … sometimes they lack heart? I just want you to feel like we are chatting so you can get to know me.

Let’s set the scene.

I’m going to pretend I’m sitting down with Oprah. You are Oprah asking the questions. You look amazing by the way. I’m me … responding to the questions with short answers because I’m a little nervous to be talking to Oprah for the first time.

Where have you lived and which place is your favorite? 

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs but have lived all over the United States. I spent about 10 years in Dallas. But favorite place to live would be a tie between near the ocean or in the mountains. I just love nature. Definitely the California central cost during the Chicago winter!

When did you start acting? 

My mom says that I used to sing myself to sleep as a baby. My first stage role was at 13 as Luisa in Sound of Music. It’s funny to watch the video because I sang pretty well but I had no expression on my face because I had such a crush on Rolf.

When are you most creative?

I’m most creative when I am at rest in my soul or wresting with my soul. I’m most boring when I’m in-between.

Favorite actor or actress?

Favorite actor is the one that makes me forget I’m watching a movie or TV show. Is that indecisive? Just too many to pick one!

Greatest regret?

Betraying someone I loved.

Why do you love acting?

I need to communicate. They say we bring a bit of ourselves into each character we play. The more “seasoned” I get, the more I have to express. I love the art of developing and creating a character but I also enjoy the spontaneous and magical moments that come from working with other great actors.

You’re not married? 

The million dollar question. But if Oprah … I mean … If you, would recommend someone, I’d go on a date with him.

Comedy, action or drama?

I have some nerdy secret favorites … but I Iove the Marvel Comics and DC Comics movies or TV shows. So a mix of all of those? Definitely NOT horror or suspense.

Adventurous or homebody? 

I once traveled across the United States for 8 months, from NYC to LA, in my car by myself. Greatest adventure of my life! But I was super happy to be back home and sleep in my bed every night.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

What comes to you is cultivated in you and communicated through you. Meaning, be careful what you listen to and what you entertain in your mind. Whatever goes on there will eventually play out. Your purpose in this life is about being who you were created to be and loving people well. Cue Cinderella – Have courage and be kind.

Go ahead and name drop – who have you liked working with the best? 

Tie between two. I sang back ups for Perry Como. He was as laid back as you’d imagine and had a great sense of humor. Gordon Jump and I did some trade shows for Maytag together. He was one of the kindest people I’d ever met. When you work with people like that, they become friends. So I liked working with them, but I love them too.

Do you have any other hidden talents? 

I’m a credentialed life coach, a published author and I can sing Jingle Bells in Hawaiian.

Favorite talk show?

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday of course! 🙂