I started coaching actors on the ear prompter over 20 years ago when I was a casting agent. As a professional actress and on-camera narrator, I understand the different scenarios that arise in auditions and projects. I lean toward an encouraging and straight forward teaching style that makes it easy to learn the basics of using the equipment, how to handle technical copy, record for two person shoots, present long live trade show copy and more.
Ear Prompter is for you if:
  • You want to do on camera narration
  • You want to do live presentations at trade shows
  • You want to make more money acting and be more marketable
  • You want to submit self tapes without looking at a script

Jill’s coaching allowed me to be confident for auditions within weeks and I booked my first gig shortly after. She brings a wealth of experience in front of the camera so she understands the challenges. She’s a great acting coach too!


You will walk away with:
  • What kind of equipment to purchase
  • How to hide your equipment so no one knows you are not memorized
  • The skills to alter the script when the client makes changes on set
  • How to walk in to a frame and hit your mark as copy plays
  • How to record two person copy and pull off flawless scenes
  • Real copy to practice with; including medical, lifestyle, narration and more
  • How to set cues in your recording for props and other direction given by client
  • How to present for 15 minutes or more without making a mistake
  • Being as good at using it as those who have been doing it for years
  • And more …

If you are in the Chicagoland area, we can train in person or if you are out of town, we can meet over a Zoom conference call.

Email me at jill@jillmonaco.tv to schedule your FREE consultation.